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Daily Update on Maritime Situation

Maritime Incident Map


Analysis and Recommendation

Based on the IMIC Monthly Report for the August 2021 period, there are several points  on maritime events in Indonesian waters, such as:

  • A total of 117 incidents were reported, consisting of maritime accidents, smuggling of goods, marine pollution, natural disasters, IUU Fishing, Irregular Human Migration, Drug Trafficking and Others. The most common incidents were maritime accidents with a total of 69 cases.
  • Accidents at sea are generally caused by significant high waves in the southern region of Indonesia, as well as high rainfall and wind speeds in the area around the Java Sea. The activity of fishing boats in the ALKI area causes collisions and other accidents. Apart from that, the accidents at sea are dominated by fishing boats, generally made of wood. Most of the casualties were caused by fishermen’s disobedience (e.g. Not wearing a life jacket)
  • The border areas between countries are the most dominant areas for arresting drug smugglers with a dead drop mode or using small boats that can enter river estuaries.
  • IUU fishing occurs at night. This activity involves small fishing boats with large boats acting as collectors. Disobedience to borders between countries is also a cause of IUU fishing

Based on the IMIC Monthly Report for the August 2021 period, IMIC recommends the following:

  • Seafarers need to be aware on north, east, and south part of Indonesia due to the wave height of around 2.5m to 4.0m 
  • Seafarers who use medium to small size vessels such as barges and fishing boats to be careful when sailing in the Java Sea, Kotabaru Waters, Wakatobi Islands Waters, and the eastern Arafura Sea due to the wave height of around 1.25m to 2.5m.
  • All seafarers in the Malacca Strait are strongly advised to establish contact with the Indonesian Authority to report their presence.
  • Ships with slow speed and low freeboard who are sailing in the Sunda and Singapore Strait are advised to be careful, ensure AIS is still on, and always maintain communication with the Indonesian authorities.
  • Adhere to maritime safety and security regulations, such as turning on AIS to ensure that their presence is monitored by Indonesian authorities.
  • If there are any doubts, accidents at sea, suspicious approaches or activities that are observed to be unusual at sea, please contact the Indonesian Maritime Information Center:


      Call Center:     +62 21 385 1938