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Malaysian soldiers catch immigrant smugglers in Tanjung Lompat, Johor

On August 17,2020 at 10:30 Malaysian time, Battalion I Royal Ranger Regiment (1 RRD) arrested a fiber boat captain who was smuggling illegal immigrants into MaLaysia in Tanjung Lompat, Johor.

An Indonesian Tekong citizen who is believed to be carrying out the smuggling of foreigners without permission (PATI) into the country was detained during Operation Benteng, in Tanjung Lompat, Johor.

The Malaysian Infantry Third Division Headquarters (3 Div) in fact said the detention of Tekong was carried out by the 1st Battalion of the Royal Renjer Regiment (1 RRD) at 10.30 this morning.

“The announcement of the National Task Force Air Monitoring Aircraft (NTF) Sector 8 which impressed a bot headed to Tanjung Lompat found that an individual had jumped over the bot and was swimming toward the shore,

“Acting on this announcement, 1 RRD has arranged to mobilize a Quick Reaction Force group around 10.30 am to make a raft and inspection around the area.

“The QRF group has seen a man hiding in the edge of the Tanjung Lompat forest and has acted to arrest the man,” he said in reality, today.

The investigation found that the 54-year-old man was disyaki sea tekong who had lowered PATI during the last night’s catch and was guarding a bot that was caught in Tanjung Lompat waters within 50 meters of the shore.

“The amount of loot is estimated at RM 55,284 involving a fiber bot, 200 HP engines and RM 360.00 in cash and 3,250,000 in Indonesian currency (RM 924.00).

“The COVID-19 screening test has been made and the decision is negative. All booty has been handed over to the Capital City Officials (IPD) of Kota Tinggi, ”

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