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MMEA arrested 17 Vietnamese fishermen off the coast of Kuala Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia

On 17 August 2020 the Malaysian Maritime Law Enforcement Agency (MMEA) arrested 17 Vietnamese fishermen on board two Vietnamese fishing vessels for illegal fishing in Kuala Kemaman in Malaysian waters. Further details are as follow:

  1. KG 91318 TS (15 crew including skipper) – 04 43.90N 104 26.18E
  2. KG 93565 TS (2 crew including skipper) – 04 44.42N 104 27.78E

The vessels and its crew were brought to Kemaman Maritime Jetty for further investigations under the Fisheries Act 1985

Immigrations Act 1959 for encroaching in Malaysia waters and conducting illegal fishing.

Source Details : ILO Malaysia, ILO Indonesia, MME OPCEN (Terengganu)