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The Maritime Zone of the state of Selangor arrested 4 fiber boats with 8 Indonesian fishermen who were suspected of stealing marine products in Malaysia

Indonesian foreign fishermen are seen as stubborn and extreme, by entering and stealing the country’s seafood up to a distance of about 2.0 nautical miles east of Pulau Angsa from Port Klang, yesterday.Selangor State Maritime Director, Maritime Captain Mohammad Rosli bin Kassim said, his party made arrests of four fiber boats in a separate time and detained eight Indonesian men were busy stealing the country’s seafood.

“As a result of the inspection on the first boat, two Indonesians failed to submit a boat license and valid identity documents while the second boat, two Indonesians had identity documents but had expired.

Next, the arrest of the third and fourth boats, also found that four Indonesian men committed the same offense, namely the identity document that has expired, “he said.

According to Rosli, all of them aged between 24 to 46 years old were detained with mixed fish estimated at 9 kilograms and taken to the Selangor State Maritime Headquarters to be investigated under the Immigration Act 1959/63 and the Fisheries Act 1985.

“Malaysian Maritime will always monitor and patrol more frequently to combat illegal immigrants in Selangor waters,” he added. Search and rescue operations are ongoing.

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