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APMM Arrests Two Vessels with Six Fishermen in Muara Kuala Kedah, Malaysia.

ALOR SETAR, August 22th – A class C delayed boat and a boat together with six fishermen arrested in operation of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (Maritime Malaysia) Zone Maritime Kuala Kedah yesterday.

The Director of Maritime Zone Kuala Kedah Maritime Commander Mahmad Faizal bin Ahmad said, at 2.51 am a boat delayed class C was arrested with a tekong and three local crew aged between 41 to 63 years old. The boat was arrested at a distance of 12 miles of nautical from the Kuala Kedah estuary.

The second shot involves a device boat with a tekong and a 32 and 42-year-old local crew. They were arrested at 4.51 am at a distance of about 8.5 miles of nautics from the Kuala Kedah estuary.

Both boats were suspected of making a mistake under section 8 (b) of the Fishery Act 1985 over the error of violating license due to operating under 15 miles of nautical from the beach.

The two boats were with six local fishermen and about 300 kilograms of the catch were taken to the Kuala Kedah Maritime Zone Jetty for further action.


He also insists on fishing boat entrepreneurs to obey the law and not violate the allocated fishing license. Malaysian Maritime will not compromise on any activity that violates laws in the waters of the country.

In addition, the Maritime Malaysia Zone Maritime Kuala Kedah welcomes complaints and any crime or emergency activities in the sea can be distributed through the emergency line of 24 hours MERS 999 or the Malaysian Maritime Operation Center Kuala Kedah Zone at 04-7310579.


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