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APMM Detains 2 Fish Boats in Sibuti Waters, Malaysia

The Miri Maritime Zone has withhold two (2) local fishing boats on various offences in two separate incidents yesterday. The director of Miri Maritime Zone, Kepten Maritime Md. Fauzi Bin Othman said the first catch was done at approximately 8.05 am by KM Siakap while operating the east-Dragon’s position at the rank of 4.0 nautical miles from the estuary of the Miri River. The results found Maritme and five Indonesian crew aged between 35 and 53 years old were on the boat. One of the crew has no approval permit from the Department of Fisheries Malaysia. “The second catch is at an hour of approximately 9.00 a.m. by a 23-in-line OP Permai and OP in the waters of Sibuti. When checked, the event has submitted the expired license book and the fishing boat does not have approval permit using foreign crew from the Department of Fisheries Malaysia. The boat is run by Maritme and four Vietnamese crews are aged between 34 and 47 years, “he said. The two boats were accompanied by the central jetty for vessel detention centre, Miri Malay Island for further investigation by the investigating officer. The case will be investigated under the Fisheries Act 1985 because it is not a permit for the use of non-citizen crew, as well as a submitted fisheries license book. “All the crew of both boats had undergone the test of the COVID-19 screening by the Ministry of Health Malaysia as a precautionary measure. Thank you on the MINISTRY for the services and cooperation given to our party “, he added. Source Details :