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Malaysian Customs and Royal Police Fail to Smuggle Illegal Lead Sand in Malaysian Waters

In accordance with the mandate of Law No. 10 of 1995 as amended law No. 17 of 2006 on Customs, that the Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DJBC) has the duty of law enforcement at sea within the scope of fiscal security or potential revenue collector and protect the public from the influx of illegal goods (community protectors), especially to overcome the sluggishness of the Indonesian economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. DJBC’s efforts are often carried out by establishing cooperation/synergy with various law enforcement at sea both between agencies located in the country and with agencies in other countries, in the hope that this cooperation can narrow the mobility space of the smugglers so that it is more effective in securing state revenue, this was conveyed by the Head of DJBC Kepri Regional Office, Agus Yulianto to this media crew through whatsApp connection, Tuesday (25/8). “One of the manifestations of the cooperation, not long ago the Task Force of DJBC Special Patrol Boat Riau Islands with the Marine Police Force (PPM) of Malaysia’s Royal Police 2 Presses (PDRM) managed to thwart the smuggling of Tin Sand in malaysia’s Pengerang Waters by + 80 sacks of @50kg,” he said. He explained that starting on August 18, 2020, The Special DJBC Kanwil of Riau Islands is monitoring the information of a speed boat that is about to pass around Galang Reef waters to Singapore with a load of Tin Sand. Furthermore, it is done pursuit by the BC 1410 Patrol Boat Task Force against the speed boat. During the chase, ABK speed boats disposed of some of their luggage and towards Malaysian waters.Bc Task Force 1410 continued its hot pursuit The Special DJBC Kanwil of Riau Islands coordinates with PPM Region 2 PdRM To provide assistance in the pursuit of the speed boat. Then the RH24 PDRM Patrol Boat joined forces to provide assistance with the BC 1410 Patrol Boat Task Force to conduct the chase. During the speed boat chase the smugglers set themselves up in Malaysia’s Pengerang Waters, 1°20.449′ U / 104°8.041′ T. Furthermore the RH24 PDRM Patrol Boat managed to approach and confirm the speed boat that had capsized, and managed to catch the crew who were trying to escape. Then the BC-1410 Patrol Boat Task Force synergizes with PPM Region 2 PDRM manufacturers conduct checks on the speed boat and its payload. Considering that the suppression occurred in Malaysian territorial waters, then on the evidence in the form of speed boat and tin sand cargo as much as + 80 sacks @50kg in total estimated value of RM 650,000.00 and the arrested ABK is carried out inspections, deepening research and further processes by PPM Region 2 Pengerang PDRM which allegedly violate stipulated in the field of customs and immigration in accordance with the laws and regulations in Malaysia,” he said. Source Details :