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APMM and ATM Successfully Thwarted Attempts to Smuggle Ketum Leaves in Kuala Perlis waters, Malaysia

Zon Kuala Perlis Maritime Director, Maritime Commander Mohd Shafie Paing said, the fiber bot without registration number was held in Perlis waters at a distance of approximately 0.1 nautical stones from the Kuala Perlis estuary, around 4:42 am last night.

“The notification results from the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) ATM through the Zon Kuala Perlis Maritime Operations Center, the Malaysian Maritime patrol bot that was conducting an Op Benteng Laut, was arranged to move to the scene,

“The monitoring carried out by the UAS Team has indicated that two bots are in a suspicious situation carrying out the activity of moving goods in Perlis waters,” he said.

According to Mohd Shafie, a fiber bot tried to escape by changing direction to the mainland as well as aware of the presence of the authorities, but the Malaysian Maritime bot managed to bypass and detain both bots.

“A tekong had jumped into the sea leaving a bot and swimming to flee to a nearby mangrove forest before the authorities approached them. When another bot is found without error and is released after being checked,

“The results of the examination of the bot, the authorities found all the packages containing ketum leaves,

“Ketum leaves and a fiber bot along with the related pole engine that were taken have a total value of RM 11 thousand,” he explained.

He added that all the booty and bots were brought into the Kuala Perlis Zon Maritim jet to be handed over to the strategist for further action.

“Kes will be manipulated under Section 30 (3) of the 1952 Poison Deed because ketum abuse includes importing, selling, processing and others related to the material,” he said. –


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