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APMM Arrests a Tug in Belawai Waters, Sarawak, Malaysia

On August 18,2020 at 02:30 Malaysian time, the Tanjung Manis Maritime Zone APMM detained a tug boat carrying a barge in Belawai waters at a distance of ± 3.1 Nm southwest of Tanjung Jerijih because it could not show the Port Clearance during the inspection. All crew detained, namely 2 local citizens and 4 Indians who have valid identity documents.

“The results of the inspection found that they failed to submit the Port Clearance Pass document during the voyage. All detained crews ranged in age from 20 to 65. Two local men and four Indian men were found on the boat and barge and had valid identification documents.

The tugboat and barge were escorted to HSL Jetty, Tanjung Manis to be handed over to the Investigating Officer, Tanjung Manis Maritime Zone for further action. The case will be investigated under the Customs Act 1967 for failing to submit the Port Clearance Pass document during the voyage, ”he said.

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