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A tanker rescues eight fishermen from a fishing boat that capsized in the Northwest oil rig off Maharajalela, Brunei.

BRUNEI, Sunday, 16 August 2020 – The RIDGEBURY KATHERINE Z, a tanker owned by Ridgebury Tankers rescued eight fishermen from a capsized boat approximately three nautical miles North-West off Maharajalela oilrig. Initial reports stated that the tanker sighted the semi submerged boat at 1600H and immediately rescued its passengers, which comprised of seven locals and one from Pontianak, Indonesia.

KDB SYAFAAT of Royal Brunei Navy was tasked to assist in the rescue operations by facilitating a personnel transfer from the tanker onto the Navy vessel and subsequently, back to Muara Naval Base before they are handed over to Police Marine, Royal Brunei Police Force.

All the rescued fishermen are in good health and did not sustained any injuries.

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