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Malaysian Customs and Excise succeeded in thwarting the smuggling of 400 wild animals from Indonesia which would be smuggled into Thailand

Some of the smuggled animals are categorized as protected animals according to Indonesian law. Like orangutans and crocodiles. From this customs operation carried out by Malaysian officials, three perpetrators were all Indonesians. According to the Head of Customs and Excise of Malaysia, T. Subromaniam, the three actors carried the animals on a cargo ship from Sumatra through the Strait of Malacca to Thailand. Officers received information about the whereabouts of a cargo ship carrying the animals, and intercepted them while passing through Malaysian waters.

Malaysian Wildlife Service official Mohamad Zaki said smugglers would be tried for violating wildlife laws and could face up to 10 years in prison. According to Elizabeth John, spokesperson for Traffic, a global non-governmental organization concerned with animal trafficking, said the number and types of animals being confiscated shows “how tremendous the pressure is on wildlife because there is so much demand to keep them as pets.”

Even though Malaysia often thwarts smuggling, the finding of 400 animals being smuggled into Malaysia itself is a rare event.

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