Korean tanker in load sank in Taiwan Strait, 1 crew died

18 Oct 2022

Tanker KELSEY 2 sank in the morning Oct 15, 25nm south of Wuqui island, Kinmen County, Taiwan, Taiwan Strait. Tanker was en route from Hong Kong to Gunsan Korea, ETA Oct 16. Of 20 crew on board, 1 died, 19 were rescued and survived. Tanker is said to be in load, carrying cargo of oil and chemicals totalling 7,500 tons (cargo information not confirmed). According to preliminary investigation, tanker reported water ingress in aft section area, most probably in engine room. According to track, tanker was already in trouble in the evening Oct 14, when she reduced speed and either took an opposite course or went adrift.



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Arsip Berita