UK-Flagged Capsize Bulk Carrier with Chinese Crew Aground, Breached, Partially Sank

26 Apr 2023

Capsize bulk carrier Indian Partnership in load, ran aground at Misool island east coast, Raja Ampat Regency, Southwest Papua, Seram Sea, Indonesia. The ship strayed off course, and ran aground on reefs at around 0820 LT (UTC +9) Apr 23, being en route from Australia to China. Ship’s starboard underwater hull was breached in fore area, resulting in massive water ingress Ship is reportedly, resting on bottom, with fore tilt and starboard list. 22 all-Chinese crew remain on board. Local authorities are having communication language problem with crew on board, salvage plan and salvage company yet unknown. Ship’s loaded with 178,000 tons of bauxite ore.
















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