Cargo ship collided with boat, 1 dead 1 missing, Japan

12 Oct 2021

General cargo ship SEIZAN MARU 21 reported to Sasebo Coast Guard Station at around 0230 Tokyo time Sep 12, 2021 possible collision with a small ship or boat.
SEIZAN MARU 21 was passing by Sasebo, western Kyushu,
en route from Hakata to Fukuoka.
Coast Guard patrol boat was sent to check the area, and found capsized boat of 3 people being on boat, one was found dead, 12-year boy was rescued by passing nearby ship, and 71-year old skipper went missing.
SEIZAN MARU 21 resumed voyage after short stop at Bay of Sasebo, and as of 18.50 Tokyo time, she was approaching Fukuoka

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