One fisherman dead, another missing after boat capsized in Bahamas

29 Jul 2022

Officials are searching for a fisherman who attempted to swim to land with two other men after their boat capsized in Andros waters on July 28 morning.


MP for Mangrove Cay & Central and South Andros Leon Lundy told Eyewitness News that the three fishermen departed Andros shortly after 8:00 AM local time.


The vessel reportedly capsized sometime after 10:00 AM and the three men attempted to swim to land.


Lundy said one fisherman swam for hours until he made it to land at Mangrove Cay around 7:00 PM.


On July 28 night, he was due to be airlifted to the capital for medical treatment.


Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings confirmed on July 28 night that the body of a man has been recovered, and the search continues for the third man missing at sea.



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